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“It has been one of the rules of my life, that what is worth doing at all is worth doing well. In Chiropractic this is especially so; particularly when laying the foundation for a coming science which is destined to be the grandest and greatest of this or any age.”

-D.D. Palmer Founder of Chiropractic

Providing BETTER LIFE Expression
Chiropractic Memberships available for you and your family


For people who are dissatisfied with the direction their health care is headed.  Our chiropractic membership practice puts YOU in the driver's seat for your health and provides you with knowledge and understanding of the healing power of the body.  Unlike other experiences you’ve had, our practice offers you quality chiropractic care for a reasonable fee and is geared toward maximizing your body's potentials.

This is how chiropractic was meant to be!

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Affordable Membership Fees

Individual  $99* /  Family $139*
*$20 Discount Offered to all Military Personnel
* You are eligible for this fee after the initial month of care. 

NO Long Wait times!*
NO Insurance Necessary!
NO Appointment Necessary After Your First Visit!

*(usually less than 10 minutes)

Prime Chiropractic Care for a PRIME Kind Of LIFE!

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